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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Magnet Group IC2452 Pure - Medium Crystal by Benchmark
Your message will stand front and center, in Optically Perfect clarity, on this diamond shaped award- Material: Glass- Dimensions: 3-75" x 9" x 2-75" SKU: MGP247
Brands: Magnet Group
Magnet Group IC6185 Crescent - Small Crystal by Benchmark
This curved glass collection is beautifully rendered with a beveled border for a budget friendly award- Other sizes available are: IC6186 Medium, IC6187 Large, and IC6188 Extra Large- Made in the USA- Material: Glass- Dimensions: 6" x 4" x -1875" SKU...
Brands: Magnet Group
Magnet Group IC6145 Hope Crystal by Benchmark
Standing tall for all to admire, this stunning award is made of Optically Perfect Crystal- Material: Glass- Dimensions: 3-5" x 11-5" x 2-75" SKU: MGP313
Brands: Magnet Group
Magnet Group IC350 Kaleidoscopic Crystal by Benchmark
Featuring a rainbow-esque swirl down the middle of this large egg, this award is larger than the average egg and will adorn any setting famously- Material: Glass- Dimensions: 3-25" x 6-5" x 3-25" SKU: MGP270
Brands: Magnet Group
Magnet Group IC674 Ideal Crystal by Benchmark
Optically Perfect clear pillars suspend a cobalt blue diamond- The dramatic cobalt blue beautifully focuses all attention right where it needs to be - on your corporate message or accolade- Material: Glass- Dimensions: 6-5" x 8" x 2" SKU: MGP262
Brands: Magnet Group

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