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'Abstract in Turquoise' (2010) (Mexico)
Although flowing in similar shapes, vibrant colors contrast boldly with one another. Myriad shades of blue and turquoise meet and mingle with palest violet, crimson, teal and yellow. A master of watercolor art, Ana Rosa Navarro leaves her customary r...
Brands: NOVICA
'Abstract I' (2007) (Peru)
Enrique Bustamante transforms abstraction into a colorful composition that exudes artistic optimism. It's a composition that relies on oblique lines that are interrupted by vertical rectangles filled with color and natural elements, explains the Peru...
Brands: NOVICA
'Cubist Abstract' (Peru)
With a fiery palette of luminous colors, Pantigoso creates an abstract with rich visual textures. Rays of light dart and whirl amid rectilinear shapes, giving a magical sense of movement to the work. The artist adds applications of jute to the canvas...
Brands: NOVICA
'Abstract V-1' (Peru)
Fiery colors and rich textures come together in a compelling abstract by Pantigoso. It shows great chromatic energy with strong and simultaneous contrasts, the artist explains. Color and texture are a part of the visual language that makes us feel th...
Brands: NOVICA
'Half Open' (Brazil)
Yellow illuminates a colorful painting and adds a serene glow. This elegant work by Manoarino is an orderly study in geometry. Brilliant color and repeated vertical shapes create a feeling of lightness. Titled Entreaberta in Portuguese.
Brands: NOVICA

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